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Dell D620 Spec

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Hi all,


I am hoping you can help me. I am looking to buy a Dell D620 in a couple of months hoping to install Snow Leopard on it. I am new to the whole hackintosh thing.


What are the best specs to have on the D620 and are you able to supply me with some detailed step by step instructions please?


I hope you can help :)



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Hi, this is good start on instructions.




As for spec then the fastest processor (core2duo) and most ram in your purchase as you can afford/get.


Minimum 1gb ram (2gb for lion). If your doing heavy weight app stuff then normal rules apply - the more the better :-)


Lion runs fine on 1.2ghz core2duo D430's with 2gb ram for example.


And im going to move this post to more appropriate section.


Enjoy and feel free to read all the guides in the main sites menus.



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1) the CPU... most D620 are supply with the older Core Duo, and not the Core 2 Duo... so watch out for that, Core 2 Duo is slightly better, you can upgrade later down the road, but considering the prices of the CPU, i don't think that's a smart option, just get a used notebook with good CPU.


2) Ram, 4GB of DDR2 is around 32-35 bucks (that's how much I paid just last week)... so that's up to you...


3) screen. the D620 is equip with the older dimmer screen than the D630... but it does come with low/high resolution version, i suggest the high resolution version. the low res version is just too cramppy.


Other than that, with the difference in the graphic, most of these guys are similar in most other specs.

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