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Can't click or type for long time after boot

Nick Bouwhuis

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This may seem like a strange problem, but after I boot Lion on my Dell Optiplex 745, it takes a long time until I can do something, the mouse moves, but I can't click or type anything.


Here are the specs of my computer:

1.86 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

80 GB Samsung Harddrive

1 GB 531 MHz ECC DDR2 SDRAM (installed Lion with custom OSInstall.mpkg)

NVIDIA GeForce 7300 SE 256 MB

(If you need more, just tell me.


Also, I've inserted my system.log


Thanks for helping me out!

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im not sure but i think lion needs 2 gigs of ram


Yup. You're right, but like I said, I modded a file and now it's working. Only thing is, when I click something, it takes 5-10 minutes before it reacts and works like normal. It has worked fine before, but after a reinstall it just came from nowhere.

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