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ThinkPad T470s: TouchPad settings


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I have my T470s working well now using OC, but the touchpad (even an ever so slight partial touch when typing) can highlight and wipe out what I just typed. Does the new VoodooSMBus help at all with this? Would love to hear if it does or doesn't have this characteristic. Changing the touchpad settings inside of Catalina doesn't seem to help with this either.  

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Personally on my T480, it works really well. Well... as well as it can be on a non apple device right. Only thing I have a slight issue with was the 3 fingers drag and drop. You need to keep all 3 fingers slightly apart, if too close, you'll encounter some jumpy movement.

For OC, add the kexts in the following order

  • VoodooPS2Controller (acidanthera or Rehabman's version are fine)
  • VoodooPS2Keyboard Plugin from VoodooPS2Controller
  • VoodooPS2Trackpad plugin from VoodooPS2Controller (disable)
  • VoodooPS2Mouse plugin from VoodooPS2Controller (disable)
  • VoodooSMBus
  • VoodooRMI
  • RMISMBus plugin from VoodooRMI
  • VoodooInput plugin from VoodooRMI ( if you have it elsewhere for something else, don't enable it, will cause error, just need one instance of the kext)
  • VoodooTrackpoint plugin from VoodooRMI (this doesn't work as well, but I can't complain since touchpad work really well)

Source file:



Note: You might have to check if your touchpad is an SMBUS device


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