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E5590: No touchpad/mouse (Catalina with OpenCore))


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I managed to install catalina (10.15.7) on my dell E5590 using opencore but I can not seem to get the touchpad working (pointer doesnt more or register clicks)
An external mouse on USB is working for now. Every other thing (wifi, BT, sound, ...) is working just fine atm


I already tried the following:

  • Move VoodooPS2controller to /S/L/E
  • Use VoodooPS2Mouse & Touchpad with VoodooInput
  • Use VoodooI2C
  • Use a patched SSDT-I2C


The screen of the laptop is touchscreen and that works with moving over it.


Does any1 have any ideas? thx


 I attached my current config.plist and images of linux command output to show the hardware









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Can somebody give me some hints how to patch SSDT-GPI0 to make my own?

When ever I open my DSDT.dsl in maciasl and i paste the code to create the patch for SSDT_GPI0 the "apply" button stays grey.
Does this mean it does not need patching?
When i do kextstat in macos terminal it does say VoodooI2C is loaded.

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