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Optiplex 5040 - Intel HD530 graphics: can't get DisplayPort output

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Ok, so I remembered the server in the cupboard under the stairs is a 7040, so I tried using @Jake Lo's config and it worked first time 👍👍


The very last thing I'd like to ask is related to the unplugging and plugging in any video cable, I lose image but when I plug the game back in it doesn't ever come back. Is thanks config related or something I just need to live with? The reason I ask is that I have a display port switcher box and if I don't have the monitor using the correct cable, I have to hold the power button to turn it off, then turn it on again..

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@mefflecakes, Mario and I played on his Skylake Optiplex 7050 (i5-6600 CPU) with HD530 graphics. We 1st got HDMI + DP working with standard SKL platform-id 0x19120000, then HDMI+DP+DP, i.e. 3 x displays after injecting 4th connector 0306...


Secret was to bypass restrictions imposed by AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy kext (a PlugIn of AppleGraphicsControl kext) with boot arg agdpmod=pikera. All details posted here.

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