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E6530: O2 card reader not working in Big Sur?

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Your SSDT-SDCard table looks spot on and your screenshot, although providing very limited info, tends to indicate that all looks Ok on the IOReg front: the SD card reader is active at its usual location for an E6x30 and the macOS kext is loaded. Post a zipped saved output from IORegistryExplorer + a copy of your OC or Clover config if you want full confirmation.


I'm tempted to say the SD card reader is Ok but the card you is defective or needs formatting.


The O2 card reader of my E6230 works as usual in Big Sur and it's the same model as fitted to your E6530.





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Hi, @Hervé. Thanks for your answer and sorry for my little information because I don't know how to present it. My english so bad. When i use catalina or windows, my SD card is still working properly. But i can't use it on Bigsur. Apple tells me that the drive you inserted cannot be read. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 00.30.28.png

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 00.31.03.png

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Well, if the card is in a format normally supported by Big Sur, sorry, this beats me. Maybe something else in your config that I missed. There were a lot of ACPI patches and you also force injected kexts for some reasons.


Good luck.

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