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[SUCCESS] Latitude 5300 - up and running


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Hello again :)


I decided to have a go at building a Latitude 5300 (non 2-in-1) hackintosh as I couldn't see anything already for it. I'm still new to building my own from scratch so as expected, I've hit a couple of issues that I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction with.


First of all, the specs:




Coffee Lake 1.9Ghz Quad core CPU, 32gb ram, Intel UHD Gfx 620, dw1560 wireless.


Things that currently do NOT work or I have issues with:


1. Wifi no longer working since upgrading from Catalina to Big Sur. worked fine before that.

2. Keyboard not working when logged in. When booting up, I'm presented with the login screen and can type to log in. but when actually logged in it no longer works (see next point)

3. When I click to log in, it then displays the shell text scrolling up, with the login screen in the background.

4. As noted in point 2, once I've entered my login credentials, it takes around 5 minutes to actually log in. I've attached a couple of photos that I think might be of note, not sure if the messages in them are linked. Trackpad working perfectly, very responsive.






MacBook Pro.zip 5300-EFI.zip

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What patches did you put in the DSDT?


Give this a try, replace config and add the kexts to Kexts folder

I removed a bunch of unnecessary kexts from the Config and add a few new ones.

Fix the truncated SMBios naming known on Dell system

Added VoodooPS2Controller for Keyboard

Added NotouchID to fix long login

Add SD Card reader, not sure what you have, might not work

Not sure you need all those I2C kexts, need to determine which ones are actually used.u

Post IOReg file with IORegistryExplorer.app v2.1 to get a better idea. 


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Great, thanks Jake, that works a treat. Micro SD card slot works too :)


I used SSDTTime to generate the amls and followed the opencore guide to set it up. I'm not sure why I log in first, then the laptop loads the rest? I removed debug mode and -v to only have the progress bar instead of the text, but thats all still after logging in. If theres any way I can set it to boot up then log in I'd like to know!

Aaron’s MacBook Pro.zip

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