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Latitude 5490: Headphone jack and Touchpad not working

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No. I just hear a continuous beep from the headphones, speakers work fine though.


I tried installing HoRNDIS because my WiFi card is not supported, I added it to the kexts folder, used ProperTree to get a snapshot for the config.plist, but upon reboot it gives me a kernel panic error. 


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I don't use propertree, so I don't know if it'll automatically add every kexts/plugins and SSDT* found in the OC folder

You can manually copy the Horndis kexts from your Config to the working Config file

For HP, try adding CodecCommander.kext and this SSDT*

I had changed layoutid to 11, you had 14 before. Try other layoutid = 13, 16, and 56


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layoutid 21 finally works, thank you so much. How do I manually add kexts to config.plist? Whenever I add a left I always update the config file from ProperTree and it always works, no idea why it broke this time 

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