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Installation Success, but BOOT Fail :(


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First off I want to say THANK you for this. I have been dreaming of Hackintoshing my PC for awhile and even bought a new comp with AHCI. Didn't realize at the time of purchase that AMD isn't hackintosh worthy. So I gave up for awhile then started researching 2 nights ago. Then like an angel came down and click on your website and there is was the AMD link to install guide.


As the title says it installed just fine "It just worked" but I did something wrong or didn't follow the guide right maybe but it wont boot and chameleon isn't loading properly. Also noticed I only have 2Gb Ram of my 8Gb and only 1 of my 4 cores of my CPU. The graphics aren't great but I have to get it to boot so that I can change the graphics.


Any help in getting the next step done would be great. Step 5


Here is a link to my Computer specs.




Thanks again for all your help.





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Reboot using ModCD and select your new installation to start from. Then try to re-install your bootloader.


There is an option I can't recall that is listed at the bottom of ModCD boot screen for AMD multi-core CPU.

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