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Poor CPU performance and USB ports not working under Mojave


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Hello everybody,

I am running Mojave on the following build:

  • Intel Core i5-4690
  • MSI H81i
  • 12GB 1600MHz
  • HIS RX580 4GB IceQ V2 Turbo


I was wondering if somebody could help me with patches since i am new to it. I have installed Mojave on i5 4690 RX580 MSI H81i, everything seems to be working fine except following:

1. only few USB ports seems to be working 
2. poor Geekbench CPU/GPU score

Although RX580 seems to working fine running at different frequencies also fan kicks in after 60C. CPU benchmarks are very poor as compared to the other stats and system is not responsive as it should.





I would be more than glad if somebody could help me that. I am attaching relevant debug file along with ACPI tables.



CLOVER.zip debug.zip ACPI Tables.zip

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Your GB5 scores certainly look Ok. Everymac.com shows that an iMac15,1 with exact same i5-4690 CPU obtains this:

  • Single Core: 927
  • Multiple Core: 2925



This being said, you should adjust the following elements of your Clover config:

  1. get rid of AICPUPM patch, it's for Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge platforms only
  2. get rid of XCPM patch, you only need KernelPm since you've enabled PluginType in the ACPI section



It probably won't make a difference, but it'll be cleaner.


On the other hand, I suspect a likely issue with your RX580 graphics card which may cause the sluggishness you observe. You have a HIS model and that brand is part of those that are not recommended due to known issues with the VBIOS. You would have to dig into the fixes or workarounds that may exist (I can't help you on that) or consider flashing your card's BIOS. Failing that, best brand to use is Sapphire...



As for USB ports, well, just follow the old and well documented process to inject the correct and necessary properties (injector kext, Hackintool app, etc.).

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