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Dell optiplex 3040 micro: Big Sur not booting with nVidia GeForce GT710


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GT710 is expected to be supported OOB as long as it is a Kepler model (GK208 chip). If it's a Fermi model (GF1xx chip), it won't be supported at all (in any version past El Capitan/Sierra).

https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/?mfgr=NVIDIA&mobile=No&workstation=No&igp=No&generation=GeForce 700&memtype=DDR3&sort=generation

To identify your card's chipset, you may use apps such as GPUZ in Windows for instance. Or any other app/tool that will show you the chip model and/or the info about shaders/TMUs/ROPs. The Zotac part # should also be indicated somewhere on the card (like on a sticker) and you may look that up on GPUZoo.com.


Make sure you use the SMBIOS of an iMac with nVidia graphics (eg: iMac 14,2/14,3) or graphics probably won't initialise, as seems to be the case. Given that these models are not officially supported by Big Sur, you'll have to use the boot parameter -no_compat_check.

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  • Translucency of Finder's bar & Dock
  • Info in About this Mac
  • Info in SysInfo->Graphics
  • In SysInfo->Software->Extensions, check if nVidia Kepler drivers are loaded (GeForce + NVDAResman + NVDAGK100Hal) 
  • General responsiveness (Hackintosh will be lagging quite severely without graphics acceleration)
  • Graphics card status in IOReg (check with IORegistryExplorer app)
  • Open up Chess (from Applications) and move the board in 3D (should be smooth with graphics acceleration)
  • Open up LaunchPad repeatedly by clicking repeatedly on the icon in the Dock (should be all smooth)
  • Download Heaven from Unigine and check benchmarking (should run fairly smooth and with decent FPS)
  • Download OpenGL Extensions Viewer (off the AppStore) and run Cube/King tests
  • etc. etc.
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