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E5540 Keyboard Mapping


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I have dell latitude e5540 which works for 95% but I have some issue about keyboard:

- Fn+F3 (Scroll Lock) = Decrease Brightness, which mapped to FN+DOWNKEY. I want to disable this key.
in Console.app it shows 46=6b
- Fn+Insert = Increase brightness, which mapped to FN+UPKEY. I want to disable this key as Fn+F3
in Console.app it shows e045=71

- Fn+F5 (Toggle Trackpad), I haven't mapped this key, but when I pressed this key, it only shown: ApplePS2Keyboard: sending key e01e=80 down

Fn+Home & Fn+End = Trackpad Toggle, I want its mapped to Fn+F5, and FN+End=Capture Screen
in console.app it shows:

Fn+Home: ApplePS2Keyboard: sending key e037=0, 0=80 up/down

Fn+End: same as Fn+Home
Fn+Insert: ApplePS2Keyboard: sending key e045=71 up/down
And my keyboard always generate ApplePS2Keyboard in Console.app although I disabled via ioio

My EFI: https://github.com/quynkk5/E5540-Hackintosh (In release tab)

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hmm... How can I patch these key via SSDT or DSDT?
I read a post about this and they said:
"0x01xx: standard PS2 codes... make/break separate
0x02xx: extended PS2 codes (e0)... make/break separate
0x03xx: standard PS2 codes... make/break combined (eg. make and break are sent with only a single notify)
0x04xx: extended PS2 codes (e0)... make/break combined"

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