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Latitude E6230: camera not working


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I know of 2 x Sonix cameras fitted to the E6230 as indicated in my E6230 guide: one with dev id 0x648b and one with dev id 0x6449.


Experience has shown me that not all Sonix cameras of the Latitude E6xxx series are supported. For instance:

  • Sonix camera 0x6433 fitted to the E6x20 series won't work as stated here
  • Sonix camera 0x643f fitted to the E6x30 series works OOB as stated here
  • Sonix camera 0x648b fitted to the E6x30 series works OOB as stated here
  • Sonix camera 0x649d fitted to the E6x40 series works OOB as stated here

Afaik, model 0x6449 suffers from the same issue as model 0x6433. Unfortunately, these cameras either work OOB or they don't. There are no drivers or kexts for such USB devices. Yours is being properly detected on its USB-internal port but just isn't supported. It had previously been discussed several years ago, here for instance.


There appears to be no problems with the Sunplus Innovation Technologies models on the other hand.

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