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Latitude E5440: System crashing with video calls under Big Sur

Victor Hugo F

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Every time I start a video call in any app like Telegram or WhatsApp, the entire system crash, that I even need to restart the entire hardware. I have no idea to what to do or what is causing this. If anyone could help me, I'll be glad. This is my EFI folder if you want to take a look.

My hardware:
Intel i5 4300U.
Intel HD 4400.

Sorry for my bad English, that's not my native language.


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You run an incorrect setup and need to review and fix it. For instance:

  • renaming of _OSI method to XOSI but no SSDT-XOSI table. They go together!
  • totally incorrect iGPU property injection for the Haswell cursor memory size (invalid key, invalid type!); that's the most likely reason you experience those crashes...
  • duplicate and inappropriate properties injection in your patched DSDT for your iGPU (other devices not checked); that's also likely to contribute to the crashes...










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So, thanks for all help you are giving.
I tried a fresh install from Big Sur with the recovery image. It initialize and installs successfully, at least the first part, but when it restart for the first time to continue the installation, it  just restart the computer, after I`m select ``macOS install`` in OpenCore.
I don`t have much of knowledge with ACPI and those things, so if you could help me, I`ll be glad.

PS. All those files in ACPI folder I used in previous install for fix some problems with audio, USB, etc.


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