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T7100 wrong frequency


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Hello everyone,


got 10.7.4 to work great on my dell d630. Everything seems to work perfect, except CPU(T7100) speed is not 1800 MHz as it should be, but 1620 MHz.

Is this a well known problem or something new? And is it possible to get it working on 1800 MHz?


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Yes, it's a known minor problem. Just disable Intel Dynamic Acceleration in the BIOS (Performance -> Dynamic Acceleration) and you'll see the expected frequencies within Mac OS.


See here: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1388-d630-intel-screen-goes-black-during-boot-to-install-snow-leopard/page__gopid__9358#entry9358


IDA is not a critical feature, it only allow a very brief/temporary frequency boost of 1 CPU core when the other core is idle (for e.g., on my 2.2GHz T7500, IDA would allow occasional brief boost of 1 core to 2.4GHz). Not much gain in terms of real performance to be honest.

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