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E6430: Monterey beta post install has pinwheel loop


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So I just installed Monterey beta using Opencore on my E6430. The install went fine and even the first boot was good but a few minutes into the first boot, after loading the desktop, it restarted and gets stuck in a white pinwheel loop. The mouse pointer is frozen as well. This happens now everytime I try to boot Monterey. I did search the interwebs and found that out it may be a result of it being in a beta stage. I was hoping someone here may have found out how to resolve this issue. I also read that a patch needs to be run to get it working again but not one at the time no one had created such a patch. Hopefully someone here knows more about this than I. I'd love to get it working and would greatly appreciate any input you could give. 



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-> moved to Monterey beta section where this thread belongs; please make sure to post in the forum's relevant sections. Thank you.


With regards to your observations and experiments:

1) Monterey is at initial 1st Developper Preview stage at this point of time

2) Monterey carries no native support for HD4000 graphics that have now been officially dropped from macOS

3) HD4000 can only be supported after patching Monterey beta1 with tools such as OCLP v0.1.7 and later

4) Automatic login must be enabled after 1st boot and until you patch Monterey, failing what you end up with the graphics initialisation failure loop you currently experience


I had already mentioned this in my Monterey beta1 thread posted in this very section.


Please note that you're highly likely to experience reduced performance, very high temperatures and regular crashes with Monterey; it's very early stages and it does not run too great on dropped Ivy Bridge/HD4000 platforms for the moment. Best is to wait for subsequent beta versions and further development on the patching side.

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