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Latitude E6530 (NVS 5200M): how can I install Big Sur

Ahmed ibrahim

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You should find several threads or guides related to installing Big Sur on the Latitude E6x30 models. I myself posted a guide for the E6230 that you can consult for inspiration. There are a few things to note about the E6x30 models fitted with Fermi NVS 5200M:

  • don't re-use the patched DSDT meant for a different model (certainly not one for the E6230/E6330)
  • enable Optimus in BIOS so that you can run Big Sur with HD4000 graphics
  • since it's no longer supported, the nVidia dGPU must be disabled through patched SSDT to prevent it from draining your battery unnecessarily
  • if your LCD is low res (under 1600x900), inject Capri framebuffer 0x01660003 but if it is high res (1600x900 and above), use Capri framebuffer 0x01660004
  • if you opt for Clover as bootloader, I recommend version r5133 or later
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