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Mountain lion - Windows 7 dual boot


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I am trying to get mountain lion and windows 7 to run off the same drive, but I don't seem to be having any luck. I had previously had lion and win7 on the same disk without any issues, but for some reason chameleon doesn't seem to start properly. This what I did:


Wipe drives - create 2 partitions

install OSX on partion 1 (including EDP and such)

restart - works great, get the chameleon boot loader

Restore image of win7 on other partition

restart - chameleon opens.

Try win7 - no go, disk needs repair. repair using win7 install disk

restart - boot0 then into windows...no chameleon.


any one have any ideas?


it seems the MBR from windows somehow messes with the chameleon.


if I boot from the USB install disk I get chameleon, and then I can start OSX no problems.

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how is your windows 7 backup and restored? Did you have the hidden partition installed by Windows 7?


When you install Windows 7/8, always partition the harddisk into a large enough partition first. Do not allow windows installer to create the partition from a new harddisk. It always creates a hidden 100M partition in front of the C-drive. This is like EFI boot partition containing boot files but creates a lot of problem in backing/restoring and migrating to other disk.


My preferred windows backup tool is Acronis True Image in a USB stick

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I used acronis as well, when I restored the image I only restored the C drive - so I unselected the system reserve and the MBR.


what's really wierd is if I resotre my image of Lion, then Chameleon will work again. I'm wondering if there is an issue with the Chameleon version??

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It turns out the fix is actually right on the first page of the site!!





I now seem to have everything up and running! Install was relatively easy, only other real problem was when making the USB install disk. The first USB key I used, the boot kept getting stuck at the PCI. I switched USB keys, and the second one worked great! it seems a bit strange but it worked ok!


time to restore from time machine and see if everything is working!

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