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E6500 10.7 KP when installing EDP


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First of all thanks to everyone here, this seems like a great site and community.


I followed the instructions to install 10.7 on my Nvidia E6500. So I mean, I use myHack to create a "standard" 10.7 installer USB. Then add the Extra folder from the E6400/E6500 Lion boot pack.


The installation itself works (I'm typing this from the laptop :D), however when I run through the EDP script steps (post-installation), I get a KP when regenerating system cache. I was able to recover the installation by reverting to the Extra folder from the USB (i.e. the one from the boot pack).


Are there any steps I can take to make it more clear to me what exactly is going wrong? Or is this some common issue? I haven't been able to find anything by searching the forums, apologies in advance if that was a fail on my part :)


Thanks in advance!

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Well I was able to solve my own problem :) Fiddling around with the laptop, post installation but before attempting EDP configuration, I installed Steam. Steam complained that it could not work on a case-sensitive file system. So I reformatted and reinstalled, on a case insensitive partition this time. Installed EDP, got a kernel panic but after reboot battery and sound are working :D


Wifi (and probably some other things), still aren't though so if you have any suggestions there... :D

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