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Lat D530 Graphic Issues


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Ok i have been working on getting this dell latitude up and running with 10.7.4 for a while.


I have waited to post until i felt i had a reasonable clue about what i am doing.


I have used almost every installation method on the internet now, some work better than others, none work well enough.


using myhack and the sites edp i have gotten very far. it seems i am one step off as i have the same problem in 10.6.8 as i do in 10.7.4 (web-app installer, yes i paid)


after successful load the screen goes loads into blurry lines. Its totally unusable and is some artifact of this sites dell latitude 530 bootpack, as it happens in 10.6.8 and 10.7.4.


I will skip a detailed description of all the other problems and all the other various methods i have tried for install. I am guessing this is a Ktext problem, and am hoping someone on here will have an easy fix.


---> after load = messed up lines and blurs for screen (of the right graphics colors for the os or screen) computer seems to be stable but unusable.


thanks for the help





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