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EDP for e6320


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before installation of EDP

1- ethernet (work)

2- bluebooth (work)


then i choose > latitude e6220 **according to crew e6320 has same spec with e6220 so i go with that suggestion

during installation system crash!


reboot system, then

1) bluebooth (working)

2) ethernet (not working)

3) sounds (not working)

4) keyboard & mouse (not working)

5) wifi (not working)


any help is really appreciated. TQ

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thank you for the advice.

now sound is working great! :D


to update my hardware




1) sound

2) ethernet


not working


1) keyboard

2) mouse

3) wifi

4) ATA

5) bluetooth

6) PCI cards

7) power management


any help is very much appreciated. TQ

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Dear koba,


You intel wifi is not supported by os x. You need to replace it with a supported broadcom one.


Have you install EDP for E6220?



If you have try to repair permission with disk utility and run myfix full mode.



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