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macOS Monterey 12.0 beta7


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7th beta released September 21st, 2021. Build 21A5522h.




Warning: the update will not go through on most people's Hack and will end up in an infinite boot loop unless SMBIOS is changed to that of specific Mac models. I do not have a list of SMBIOS with which the update goes through but iMac17,1 certainly is one. SMBIOS that do not allow the update to go through include: MBP11,x / MBP13,x / MBP16,x.


After rebooting Monterey beta6 with iMac17,1 SMBIOS, I was able to complete the update on my Latitude E7270 (Clover r5133) and my Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-B (OC 0.70). Switching back to MBP13,1 and MBP11,x after the update caused no adverse affect to Monterey beta7.






This beta7 also appears to sign the death of nVidia cards. GeForce and NVDA kexts are gone, meaning end of native support for Kepler GPUs.

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