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E7470: Catalina with OpenCore?


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I want to re install using open core and catalina. I have i5 processor and I also have the dw broad com wifi adapter. should I use the open core efi that is in the installation guide for catalina. do I need to make any modifications? 

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Have you even try to do it or google it at least?

Use Xcode, PlistEdit Pro, or ProperTree app to open the Config.plist file found inside /EFI/OC

do a search for boot-args

next to the string value you'll see this

 darkwake=1 keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 -v igfxonln=1 -rtsx_micmic-linux -cdfon alcid=11

remove the -v found in the string to look like this, and save the file

 darkwake=1 keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 igfxonln=1 -rtsx_micmic-linux -cdfon alcid=11

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thank you!! By the way opencore is very stable and very smooth. I am shocked..Also for the insipriton machine. I am just at this point going to keep windows on it. So I know its alway stable. I know the OC file for that machine isn't no ware as stable as this one.

is the sd card reader on the latitude gong to work?

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