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E5570: Help needed with EFI for Big Sur/Monterey


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Good Day Friends, 


I am new to this forum and I have played with a hackintosh many years ago.


I have a Dell Latitude E5570, I have configured the bios according to many tutorials I have found on this site and several of the EFI setups and I cannot get it to install


i5-6200U - Skylake board

Samsung SSD 850 PRO 512 GB SATA SSD

Intel HD Graphics 520

Realtek ALC3235 Audio

Intel Wireless




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Jake, Thank you for the fast reply I will give this EFI setup a go!


2 questions


Would it matter if I was using one of the hackintosh shop builds?


I am only asking because I do not have access to a mac to get the installer. I used their tutorial with their image using transmac to burn the image to a flash drive and then copy the EFI folder to the custom partition


Would this make any difference on how it handles the EFI or settings to be changed??



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only image I recommend is from Olarila's website. His image will extract to the USB which also include the EFI file but you should replace that with the one here for this specific model.


Don't know if the one you download is vanilla or not

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