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Dell Vostro 5490: help required to install macOS

Andrei Bleortu

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Hey, I'd need help with that system.
My specs are similar to the ones in this GitHub repo's description: https://github.com/jxxghp/Dell-5490-AIO-Hackintosh, except I have an i7-10510U and an NVIDIA MX250. I tried using their EFI, Dortania's guide changed and it simply couldn't boot from the dmg file. Probably needs an OpenCore update, but that doesn't work for me, somehow.

Any tips?

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i7-10510U CPU makes no difference, it integrates the same Comet Lake UHD 620 iGPU. nVidia MX250 being Pascal, it is also unsupported, same as the Maxwell MX110 mentioned on that GitHub repo. I don't know what you mean by "couldn't boot from the dmg file" but that's not something feasible at all. Do not use any pre-made macOS image obtained off the Web, download a genuine installation package from Apple directly. You'll find all the necessary links off "Our Picks" list on main page.

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