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E5270: Help needed to create a Big Sur Pendrive


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Helo Guys. I have one laptop Latitude E5270.

Im new im hackintosh world... im study before post here...  i found tris drivers ( kexts ) EFI about my laptop ( https://github.com/ijiki16/Dell-Latitude-E5270-OpenCore )


But i don't have any1 macbook to create a boot pendrive... i try 2 isos called olarila, catalina and big sur, but two isos give me the same Kernel Panic... and i can't open this pendrive with olarila isos for put this archives that i mencioned above.

Any1 can post here one iso with this archives ? for i download and burn it ? ou have outher methrod for make this boot pendrive with bigsur  or Monterrey if i can =).


Guys thnx.. any type of help i appreciated. 

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Hi Jake Lo thnx for the answer, after i post here i can install Catalina and update do big sur on my Latitude e5270 fine... but wifi don't works.


My adapter call archer t2 nano.


I try install using this https://github.com/chris1111/Wireless-USB-Adapter


But i have some problema about Clove and Open core... im used clove first but after i replace archives (  https://github.com/ijiki16/Dell-Latitude-E5270-OpenCore )


now i can't disable SIP..



I do axactly the same in this video. But when i restart my mac os don't start... this Stop im apple simbol and nothing.. im wait for 30m and nothing...

then i need replace  ( https://github.com/ijiki16/Dell-Latitude-E5270-OpenCore ) this files again then sistem start up fine... but whitout wifi...

any1 can help me ?


thnx a lot 

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