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Mountain Lion


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I have a E6400 and I've noticed that MY Fix takes alot longer to run on Mountain lion, maybe three of four times longer than it did with snow leopard. Just wondering if any one else has noticed this?

Also chameleon boot takes three or four times longer on boot as well. What I mean is that the blue status bar that scrolls from right to left takes alot longer. Any input would be much appreciated

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Since Lion there is something called Kernel Cache instead of mkext. When you install a new kext, you need to regenerate that KernelCache


When booting OS X, you shouldn't have a blue status bar. When you have that, you are probably booting in Safe Mode (-x). When you boot with -f or -x, you will skip the caches and booting will take more time!


Are you also using:


inside your org.chameleon.Boot.plist! You will need it for Kernel Cache.


You can add me on Skype, I will have a look at your files and see if we can add it to EDP :). You can find my account name on my profile page.

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