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[Solved] Clevo P650RE: nVidia GTX 970M


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Laptop is 


CPU: Intel i7-6700hq 

iGPU: Intel Graphics HD530 

dGPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970m 6gb 

RAM: 16gb 



so I have high Sierra and I’m struggling with the fact that I can’t have full acceleration of the nvidia even when injecting.

Keep in mind I have nVidia Web Drivers+CUDA.

when injecting nvidia it gets recognised as Clevo Nvidia GeForce Gtx 970m 0mb kind of faulty. 
when I enable NvidiaWeb in clover with boot arg nvda_drv_vrl=1 I get the display 33mb error. I tried plugging the HDMI but it doesn’t even work (neither in intel graphics nor nvidia graphics)

without the boot flag of nvda_drv_vrl I get display 33mb too. 
I use PEG without the support of intel graphics. 

is there a fix for using nvidia gpu? 



If you have the same laptop, follow the instructions below (best to update the security update rather than changing the systems built (guaranteed it will work). My EFI is uploaded here with some kexts due to the size of the folder.
You can add:

1. Airportitlwn.kext

2.itlwn.kext (in case the first one won't work, download Heliport.dmg as a client)





P.S if there are more kexts, please share. I want to explore them


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With Optimus disabled, you'll only get the nVidia dGPU activated whereas with Optimus enabled, you'll have Intel iGPU + nVidia dGPU activated (dual GPU but unsupported on Hackintosh).

So, if you want to try and run on the nVidia dGPU in High Sierra you should:

  1. disable Optimus in BIOS
  2. refrain from injecting any properties for your nVidia dGPU
  3. install the nVidia Web Driver
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Well, I use the nvidia without any properties in the config plist, I disabled switchable graphics so I have only dGPU (OPTIMUS DISABLED) It boots but I don’t have acceleration. I understand that it is not fully supported by High Sierra. I asked for properties for the config plist but I guess it’s doesn’t work also. 
though as I said  it is compatible with high Sierra but no acceleration. 
I will try having both, intel+nvidia, but  can I run games ? Is the nvidia card going to work at heavy performance? (It is a good old card) 


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GTX 970M is a Maxwell dGPU. As such, it is not natively supported by macOS but it should be once you install the nVidia Web Driver for your given High Sierra build. Cf. my initial answer above. All versions of the driver for High Sierra are available here. No property injection required.


If you enable Optimus in BIOS, you'll only be able to run macOS on the Intel HD530 iGPU and you'll need to disable the dGPU through DSDT/SSDT patching to prevent your battery from being drained by the dGPU. Optimus technology is not supported by OS X/macOS so you cannot run dual GPUs on a Hackintosh. It's basically as follows:

  • Optimus disabled in BIOS -> nVidia dGPU only
  • Optimus enabled in BIOS -> Intel iGPU only with nVidia dGPU disabled by ACPI patches

Of course, if you opt for the nVidia dGPU (i.e. Optimus disabled), you're stuck at High Sierra since there are no Web Drivers for Mojave and later. See here for our most recent summary on such matters. Like any Intel iGPUs, HD530 is not really suitable for games, only so in limited ways. You can look this up yourself on the Web.


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