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OSX: Google Drive, Dropbox & Skydrive compared on memory usage


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My little Dell D430 running OSX Lion 10.7.5 is limited to 2gb of memory - hence why i keep a constant eye on what i spend resources on.


So, i decided to take all 3 services out for a spin and have a look at their memory usage.


All 3 clients is setup with the same amount of files - synced and idle - further more - i rebooted the machine after it had finished sync and let it run idle for and hour or two.


Memory stats:

Skydrive: 84,4mb

gDrive: 96,6mb

Dropbox: 53,5mb


What is worth to notice is that Dropbox and gDrive remained stable - while skydrive was slowing leaking memory.. i asume its some bug MS needs to straithen out.


How is it working for you ?

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