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OSX: Howto remove LogMeIn/Hamachi


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The other day i wanted to test LogMeIn Hamachi on a older G4 - to my big disappointment the damn thing is only supported on Intel macs.. and best of all.. you first get to know about it after installation. good work.. NOT..


Ever funnier, the uninstall app is also for Intel only.. WTF?!?!?! .. well ok.. after a great deal of research i put together a guide for howto uninstall the damn thing.


1. Remove the actual app from /Applications

2. Open terminal and type:


sudo rm /usr/sbin/tuncfg

sudo rm /usr/bin/hamachi

sudo rm /usr/bin/hamachi-init

rm -r /home//.hamachi


Now remove any Hamachi/LogMeIn of the entries from:







.. and finally remove:




.. reboot..


Home this helps somebody out there...

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