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E6430: unresolved issues


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I have attempted to create my own efi folder using the guide and using OC_Gen-X. I was not able to get the installer to work until I downloaded the file from here. My E6430 is fitted with Intel i5-3340M + HD4000 graphics.

I have 3 problems that I'm attempting to fix.

  1. After a restart the screen goes black cannot see anything on the laptop. But when I plug in an external monitor [HDMI] it is seen. Crazy thing is after it sleeps I press the power button, and the laptop screen is on.
  2. The wifi isn't working but i will try to add the itlwm kext then snapshot.[Intel Centrino advanced - N 6205]
  3. The touchpad isn't responding to the single tap.[Now it's working, not sure why I didn't do anything]


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1st and foremost, post your full system's specs. A copy of that config of yours would very obviously be a plus...

  1. HD4000 graphics are natively supported with the relevant settings: Capri framebuffer 0x01660003 for LoRes screens or 0x01660004 for HiRes screens + suitable SMBIOS such as MBP9,2 or MBP10,2.
  2. follow the process you seem to know about
  3. tap to click is not enabled by default. Check your TrackPad PrefPane. Make sure you use the appropriate Alps PS2 controller on your E6430 (i.e. Dr Hurt's, available off the dedicated thread on the matter)
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