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Latitude 7390: external HDD shown as internal


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I run Monterey with OC 0.78 in a Latitude 7390 (no touch-version) and I'm 99,5% satisfied.

My specs:

i5 CPU



DW 1560


Everything works perfect. Touchpad with two-finger zoom and rotate, 3-finger swipe and so on. HDMI as well as side car.

Boot-time is about 60 seconds which is ok for me. Sleep/wake perfect, audio, camera anything else absolutely fine.


The only thing is that external HDD's/SSD's are only displayed as internal drives which is of minor interest but it would be nice if this also would work correctly. I tried a different EFI where there are quite a few issues missing but this one was as it is on a "normal Mac".

Does anyone has a clue how to solve the external display icon topic?

I tried to map my USB ports with hackintosh - unluckily no success here.


Looking forward to your suggestions. EFI might be uploaded if needed.

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I tried the links you posted but didn't succeed in the end (Win11 used). I didn't know exactly whether one or two kexts have to be injected.

In the end I succeeded with Hackintool and a guide posted on YouTube.

In the end I tested two USB3 sticks on my ports (HS02 didn't have to be changed), changed the connector to USB3 and changed the USBPorts.kext without screenshooting my config.plist and now the external drives are shown as external. Anything else works as before.


Everything fine, you made my day. Thanks a lot!

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