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Inspiron 5448: Boot and I2C TouchPad Problem

Mihari Oyama

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I have Dell Inspiron 5448 with bootloader is OpenCore (0.7.9) and macOS Big Sur (11.6) installed. After adding VoodooI2C's kext, it shows this code (Image attached) for 5-10s and return back OC Picker.
I have removed VoodooI2C but still nothing happen, tried to create clean EFI (just Lilu, WEG, itlwm, VoodooPS2 and used prebuilt SSDT from Dortania) but no success, so I decided to use Clover.
Also, trackpad is not working in both OC and Clover, anyone can help me this?
EFI (I attached both OC + Clover + DSDT): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Un38tLragGxW8UHZI1IWVZu-qvVmDw2M/view?usp=sharing



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