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WANSER-R / R3210 / USB NAS Dongle firmware


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Hi,I just bought a WANSER-R / R3210 / USB NAS Dongle.. cool little fucker smile.gif

I have been using the NAS Adapter for a few days now and I am quite impressed. I am using the unit with a 200GB Hitachi SATA drive in an USB 2.0 enclosure and the adapter recognizes and uses the hard drive flawlessly. Over SMB I get speeds around 8MB/sec when using Ethernet and around 2MB/sec over Wifi, which is in line with the expected speed for those networks. The NAS adapter runs smoothly even under heavy load (4 torrents, uploading to the HDD via wifi and streaming a video off the drive at he same time is no problem). The unit is entirely controlled via a web interface and can act both as a DHCP client or server. Both SMB and FTP allow multiple users and access levels.The build in bit torrent client is reasonably fast and can handle up to 4 downloads simultaneously. Performance is quite solid and the unit is capable to resume downloads after a reboot (even though the manual claims differently).

Overall I am quite impressed with this small device and was curious to find out what’s ticking on the inside. Unfortunately, the casing had no visible way of opening it and I didn’t want to break the small device, so I did some Internet research.
The hardest part was to find the latest firmware, but here it is:
Version 1.54 (G5S5020300154E2 L:1.20E): G5S5020300154E0.zip
Version 1.59b (G5S5020300159B0): G5S5020300159B0.zip
version 1.66a (from http://ulc.sudhop.com/): R3282_1_66a_NAS903.zip

Just unpack it and follow the readme….Enjoy!

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