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Executing PHP Codes In WordPress Page/Post


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If you are still struggling on how to insert PHP Codes inside particular blog post, page or a widget sidebar for execution - then the following tutorial is for you.


1. Download: phpexec.txt.zip

2. Unzip and rename phpexec.txt to phpexec.php from here below...

3. Upload to /wp-content/plugins/ directory

4. Activate the plug-in from Wordpress administration menu




Anywhere in your post/pages where you want to execute a PHP Codes, insert before your php codes and your php codes.


echo "Current date and time: ";
echo date("l dS of F Y h:i:s A");



If you are running a blog with multiple users, you need to determine who can run this plug-in. Alter the settings in your Administration Menu. Options -> PHPExec




Executing PHP codes in WordPress widget sidebar



Download php-code-widget.2.1.zip from below.

Rename execphp.txt to execphp.php

Upload to /wp-content/plugins/ directory

Activate the plug-in from WordPress administration menu

WIDGET: php-code-widget.2.1




This plug-in work like a normal text widget except that it allows execution of PHP Codes. You can create up to 9 instances of this widget.

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