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[Solved] Dell E5450: OS X Install Help Please


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Hi Guys,

For two days now I have been trying to install OSX on to this laptop the Dell E5450. I have seen both here and on YouTube much success on the install.
I used to make hackintosh a few years ago and was given this laptop and thought I would have another go at it.
I dont mind what OS provided its Catalina or newer. What is easier Clover or OpenCore?

I have been trying to use OpenCore and now made installers and copied over various EFI folders, I have set the BIOS correctly and the the installer boots and I get to the install screen.
I Erase the SSD and hit the installer everything look to be going well, I get a reboot back to the installer and I select my SSD and the installation continues with Apple logo and a 24 minute countdown under it.
The system will reboot again so I select my SSD again and it seems to continue but after about 3 or 4 times of doing this it kind of gets stuck in a loop of the same thing and I never get to the setup screen. This same thing has happened with Catalina, Big Sur and Monterey, I build the installer and all looks to be going good and then that.

I feel I am so close not cant seem to work out what is wrong here

****I have added an image of what it does before it reboots****


Any help would be great




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You absolute star Jake....
This worked a treat. I rebuilt the installer with monterey and it installed fine.
I copied over the EFI once installed and it boots great, wifi, HDMI, sound, trackpad and bluetooth all working fine.


Thanks for your help


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