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Latitude 5480: fine-tuning required for Monterey 12.4


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I successfully installed the latest Monterey.

Almost everything is perfect except :

1., No trackpad (even no any mouse function!) 

That is the main problem .

2., No sleeps.   For clicking to the sleep the display get dark but after 1-2 minutes, the display waking up, and I think the power does not sleep at all....

3., The screen brightness can not be controlled by the keyboard.  (not so important...) 


But works the WIFI/bluetooth (with bcm4360) even the handoff is perfect. Also working - beside the basic functions -  the card reader. So almost everything is good but the trackpad would be very essential ! 

I enclose my ioreg file here, and my EFI file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OvBA_rblHopHJtZBo39c9EbjDQnT7hSw/view?usp=sharing

EFI.zip dell5480 MacBook Pro.zip

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DEAR FRIEND !!!!  I wish to invite you for some beers !!!!!!!!  Please let me know how can I add my contribution ! 

You EFI made the miracle !   I have trackpad, brightness control and sleep !!!! WONDERFUL ! 

... the sleep looks perfect... I have Hackintool ( new for me, because I was in clover upto now),  please let me know how can I check the sleep function and how to map ports there....

Again : THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!  Now I have a mac (dell) - it is a "DEC"  laptop ! :) 


I really seriously said the beer invitation, so let me know where to send some paypal (beer) contribution.... :)





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My new ioreg is enclosed .


Finally I found that the HDMI output is dead .... The mirroring via "Air-play" is working perfectly, so I can put a video to TV, but I can not use a second monitor.... 


I found this page for lid open/close  for sleep/wake  : https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Post-Install/usb/misc/instant-wake.html. actually it looks too high level for me.... At the moment the sleep/wake is controlled by the power button only.... the lid open/close does not work.


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THANK YOU !!!!! 

Actualy meantime I found this morning this link on youtube: 


I changed the AAPL-igplatform-id to my 00001619 others are the same as HD620 because I did not find the values for HD520.... BUT, this was finally OK !!!!  I had HDMI with perfect audio....

I see your solution is a bit different and also works fine !!!!!   THANK YOU !!!

The LID close/open "sleep managment" also works very well. I found only that the first time sleep is going fast. After the waking up the computer, the second/ third times  sleep takes a bit longer, but works ! 

With your EFI the keyboard "0" and "í" (beside of "y") letters changed....

I send you the new ioregfile: 

ioreg5480 05-22.zip

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From ioreg the USB are fine now, test your PC well and if you have problems write here. Help out of passion and I do NOT want any compensation a thank you is more than enough, but if you like it you can donate to this forum without problems.

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DEAR BAIO77 ! You are a real helpful gentleman !  

I think now my machine is really complete !

THANKS A MILLION your time and your helping attitude ! You are a GREAT MAN !   THANK YOU again ! 

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