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Latitude 5591: 2 Minute Blackscreen between FileVault and Desktop


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Hey Everyone,
I've successfully managed to install Monterey 12.4 on my Latitude 5591 apart from a few issues. I intend to release a guide/GitHub documentation on the install process after these last flaws are solved.

- Blackscreen during boot/Slow Boot(?)
Currently, I get a black screen for around 2-3 Minutes during Boot. After I enter the filevault password I get the loading bar which fills approximately for 1/3, but after that i get a 2-3 Minute long Blackscreen until the Laptop ends up on the desktop. If I was to boot with "-v" the logs would approximately run as long as the 1/3 bar, but then get followed by a blackscreen -> Desktop scenario as well.

- I have yet to look into CPUFriend for power consumption (is that even required on that platform?)

- Replace the Intel drivers with required BRCM fixes once the DW1820 arrives


CPU: i5 8400H

GPU: Intel UHD 630, no Dedicated

RAM: 2x8GB

SSD: Kingston NV1 (with working TRIM)

Touchpad: ALPS, with full Mutitouch and gesture support as well as working trackpoint in the middle

Brightness Buttons: Fixed using SSDT-BRT6 against GPU0


My current EFI directory is attached, I'd appreciate some hints in regards to the blackscreen/slow boot as I am pretty clueless about that currently.

Note: The zip misses the "AirportItlwm.kext", which is however present on my system. It has been removed from the zip so that it can be uploaded here.

Thanks in advance :)


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Using OpenCore 0.8.


The blackscreeen issue is post-Filevault. The slow boot I had before Filevault (so between Opencore and FV) had been solved by adjusting the touchpad polling.

From Power button press till FV Password the system takes ~20 seconds to boot, but from Filevault to Desktop its ~2-3mins as theres a black screen period of around 2 mins between the "loading bar" boot animation and showing the desktop.


I can provide a Video of what I mean once I get home.


P.S. does anybody happen to know a good resource to still get a BRCM WiFi card? Dell sent me an QCOM DW1820 instead of a DW1820*A* and refuses to sell me any of the 1560, 1820A or 1830 claiming they "Do not support Linux or Opensource"...


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