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OSX: Cleaning up ur mac - free space


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So, today i wanna talk a bit about howto keep your mac clean and free up space, offcourse - a mac like any other computer ends up getting clutered and filled up with .. well. .crap!


* Clean out the updates folder

Sometimes the updates folder dosent get cleaned automaticly after installing updates, navigate to /Library/Updates, if there is anything in there.. remove it...


* Remove old .ipsw files

If you own a Ipod/Ipad/Iphone then you have most likely also installed updates at some point - its safe to remove the old .ipsw files (firmware), those can be found in : /Users//Library/Application Support/iTunes/iPod Firmware


* Empty Trash

Just because you delete a file, dosent mean that the file actually leave your harddisk and space is freed, in OSX the file record container is just changed to point the file the "Trash", so remember to empty your trash (yes, i know that not even then is the file fully removed from the Harddisk.. but thats another talk for another day)


* Removed un-used applications

My motto.. if you dont use.. why keep it ? .. removed un-used applications and safe alot of space :)


... (more to come as i find more stuff todo) ..


... Usefull tools ...



There is alot of usefull tools out there that can do alot of stuff for you also...


* CleanMyMac -> http://www.macpaw.com/cleanmymac

Neat application that easily can free up some harddisk space


* Monolingual -> http://monolingual.sourceforge.net/

Removes un-used languages, can easily free up space :) .. and its opensource


* Xslimmer -> http://www.xslimmer.com/

Xslimmer removes un-used code from your applications.. eg. code that supports that the application can run on powerpc, use with care and remember to backup first :)


* iDefrag -> http://www.coriolis-systems.com/iDefrag.php

OSX's file system gets fragmented to, use this application to optimize the performance of your Harddisk....


How do you keep your OSX clean ?.. leave a message....

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