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Latitude E7270: HDMI not working under macOS Big Sur 11.6.7


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The only patch you require for HDMI output is the connector type; absolutely no need to patch connector's pipe or flags.

You have 2 x very incorrect property injections in your config:

framebuffer-con1-enable     1000000    NUMBER
framebuffer-patch-enable    1000000    NUMBER


Correct statements are:

framebuffer-con1-enable     1    NUMBER
framebuffer-patch-enable    1    NUMBER

or this, if you want to inject the properties in DATA type:

framebuffer-con1-enable     01000000    DATA
framebuffer-patch-enable    01000000    DATA


You've mixed things up.

You also confused Opencore EFI folder with module opencore.efi. Former is what one usually posts (in zipped version), latter is of no use at all for debugging.

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