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7480: TB3 problems


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Hi team!

I have almost dream machine. 

I just can't win with Thunderbolt3 


Setup: 7480 i7 7th gen


3xUSB + 1x TB3

macos 12.4

TB3 device I try to use: Blackmagic ultrastudio 


I think my ports configuration is messed - but I tried to remap usbmap and this doesn't help.


If I connect USB 3.2 Stick to Thunderbolt port - this is detected correctly

If I connect Thunderbolt 3 device - this is not detected at all.

If I connect USB 3.2 usb stick to top left usb port - this is not detected - but usb 2.0 device is detected correctly. I can live with it though ;)

I attached both IOREG files with connected usb stick and connected thunderbolt device. 

I exluded cable problem as I have a dualboot and same setup works perfectly fine with Win10 boot.


I don't need hotplug - as long I have working TB3 I will be more than happy. Please see my  configs. 


Any help will be appreciated. 


EFI https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvFRRtgFRQEsiTVNCW8m0_Gaqcdu?e=T4CgkV



Screenshot 2022-07-13 at 12.16.05.png


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The EFI posted has too many things not going well. Trackpad does not need rebuilds, the EFI is out of date, I posted an updated EFI if you start, pass new ioreg and test the TB3. If you have problems, settle down. OC 0.8.3 + kext 15 \ 7 \ 2022.

EFI https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sBPQRXPdqZM295gTd5BUzuV_l2p5MKGw?usp=sharing if start ioreg

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