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How to install OSX 10.6 in VMware


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This guide will show you step-by-step how to install OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) in VMware 7 on Windows.





* Thanx to "Vista Ultimate R2" on B.A for kicking this off -> http://betaarchive.co.uk/forum/viewtopi ... 12&t=10559


Hardware Requirements:

* CPU with support for virtulization


Stuff that you will need:

* Vmware 7.x -> http://www.wmware.com for a free tria

* WMware patcher -> Grap it from the bottom of the post..

* A retail version of MacOS Snow Leopard -> http://www.apple.com (Buy OSX, dont steal it, its to cheap to steal)


Steps - Pre-installation:

1. Install Vmware 7

2. Unpack vmware patcher to c:\wmp

3. Open a dos console, if your using Win7/Vista, run cmd.exe as Administrator

4. Navigate to c:\wmp and run "setup.cmd install" (without the "")

5. Create a folder where you want to store the virtual machine.. eg. c:\osx

6. Copy the patch to c:\osx

7. Go into c:\osx using Windows explorer, and double click on "Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard.vmx"

(This will now open up the virtual machine in OSX)

8. Connect the virtual CD/DVD to your retail dvd/iso

9. Create a new virtual SCSI disk and delete the one connected right now

10. Start your virtual machine and go thru the installation of OSX Snow Leopard


Steps - After-installation:

1. Install "VMware Tools" by mounting darwin.iso as the drive of the virtual machine

(This will fix graphics)

2. Power down the virtual machine, and set your network card to "nat" instead of Bridge

(This will fix network)

3. For good sake, do a full update of OSX


(more will come as i find more fixes etc.)




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