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Dell 5290 2-in-1: Post-installation issues with OC 0.8.3


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Hey @Baio77 I just came across something interesting. While the USB detects if it is plugged in prior to turning on the laptop. It will ALSO, re-detect the USB Stick if I eject and re-insert within 1sec but any longer than that and no longer detected.

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Hey Mate, 


That EFI did the trick! THANK YOU! TY TY TY!!!




I can use this laptop more easily now with the additional ports.


So now I'm down to two issues.


- No camera detected - AVStream 2500. From my research, apparently there is no fix for this at the moment.

- Sleep issue. When the laptop sleeps after 30mins, basically have to do a hard reset and reboot.


Also, im gonna look more into your EFI so I can grasp where I went wrong and how I can better understand hackintoshing. 

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I'm Italian, I use google translated to communicate, I find it hard to describe everything I have boulder in my EFI for Hackintosh use. Check the ACPIs, nothing has been entered at random, but only after a thorough study of the DELL ACPIs and the ACPIs of a real MAC same SMBios you set up. So the ioreg of your Hack is very similar to the ioreg of a real MacbookPro 14.3. The Kext has also been adapted to the supplied HW. Opencore's OC evolution upgrade drivers. In my opinion it is perfect, but it is only your judgment that counts. I'm a self-taught in the industry I just hope I've been of help.


Here you can study, in part I have tried to contribute with what I have learned over time. But I think it's the best Hackintosh compilation ever.



I apologize for the time spent in the tests, maybe Helve would be able to do everything in 1 post, I need tests and reading ioreg is fundamental for me. I add in addition that the TB3 part is really nasty.

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You’ve been of great help and thanks again for the troubleshooting. Also, thanks for the GitHub link, been reading thru it and it’s guides are very helpful, I wish I knew about it earlier for my other builds. It’s been an awesome project and learning curve. This is the first time I’ve attempted to do this from scratch instead of grabbing someone else’s EFI. I got thru the bulk of it but you helped me finished the rest :)

It’s been great fun (and countless hours) which takes a lot of patience and proper reading of the guides but I’d definitely recommend to anyone else that learning and understanding the process is a-lot more rewarding. That way you can fix your own issues during or down the track - I’m def still learning. Kudos to this forum and the geniuses behind it. 

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