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Dell Latitude E5520 - EFI for High Sierra?


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I recently obtained a used Latitude E5520 with the i5-2410M, 4GB RAM, 500GB SATA SSD.  It works great, I have no trouble booting Linux or Windows.  Now I want to try to hackintosh it with High Sierra. 


The Dell BIOS version is A14


I have searched this forum for an existing EFI for E5520-High Sierra but haven't found anything...  is there such a thing?


thanks in advance



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I found what I needed here (See link below)... My two biggest "gotchas" were that I needed USBPorts.kext and also to set my ProductName to "MacBookPro9.2".    I ended up putting Mojave on the machine instead of High Sierra.    I don't have the graphics acceleration (Maps doesn't work) but GarageBand (which is my purpose for the laptop) seems to work just fine, even with my biggest project...  I think I'm good now.







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