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Latitude 7420: where can I start building hackintosh on it?


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I'm new in this community and tried allot to find any topic regarding latitude 7420 but unsuccessful, so finally posting how to start on this computer? 

This is intel i7-11th gen, 16gb 3733MHZ onboard RAM, 512GB NVMe-SSD, fingerprint, face-ID, webcam, 14in non-touch display, 2type-C and 1 type-A ports, intel iris-Z graphics, realtek audio, intel gigabit controller.

Now, if there is a guide of any other model which could be applicable on this machine, refer me as well.

Also, do I need to buy a separate hardware such as for wi-fi? the current wifi card is intel6AX201 160mhz, is it supported?

Currently, i'm running win11 22h2, do i need to wipe it or try in dual-mode.

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-> moving this topic to Latitude 7xxx section and adjusting title since it's a Latitude 7420, not an E7420 (which does not exist).


You won't find much topics nor guides for this model simply because it's not supported. Before the switch to Apple Silicon, last Intel MacBook computers (2020) were based on 8th/9th gen Coffee Lake hardware (MacBook Pro) and 10th gen Ice Lake hardware (MacBook Air). As such, macOS has no support for graphics/iGPUs of Intel 11th gen CPUs. Sorry for the bad news but you can forget about running macOS on your Latitude 7420 laptop.


I invite you to consult the various threads we have posted in our Technical information section where you'll find lots of information about supported Intel platforms, supported GPUs, associated OS X/macOs versions, etc.

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