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(Solved) Latitude 7490: HiDPI 1680x944 not working

Ahmad Lazim

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i got succsessfull ventura installation on my 7490 

but i got an issue with the display that look so small on FullHD resolution so i want to change it to 1680x944 HiDPI

but it doesn't work as expected only 1440x810 are working with HiDPI


here what i have been doing so far :

- Patching using RDM

- Using Hackintool display generator

- Using one-click-hidpi 


none of them working on 1680x944 


is there any solution for my problem?


Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 11.24.17.png

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Thanks for replying but seems like it doesn't working after i tried it,

i got it working by using one-key-hdpi and set the res to 2560x1440 then using BetterDisplay with mirroring on dummy display.

seems like there is an performance cost cause i need to set on 4k res but it's okay :D , it's better than my eyes hurt after using my laptop for hour :D

Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 19.16.46.png

Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 19.23.27.png

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