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Dell Latitude E6440: Unable to install macOS Ventura


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I am currently running macOS Monterey on my Dell Latitude E6440 and it's working fine with the attached config.plist. However, whenever I try to boot macOS Ventura installer, it just displays stop logo and doesn't boot.


Can anyone help me with any suggestions that I can make to my config.plist or EFI folder? The idea is to install macOS Ventura with OCLP.




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You don't need OCLP to install Ventura and I would advise you not to use that tool for installation. OCLP is meant for real Mac computers, not Hackintosh.


You've only posted a copy of your OC config file so I can only comment on that:

  • I see a lot of references to E7440 stuff (eg: E7440-SSDT.aml or USBPort_E7440.kext)
  • you use correct MBP14,1 SMBIOS for a regular Ventura installation (i.e. non-OCLP)
  • if you use MBP14,1 SMBIOS, why do you use -no_compat_check boot arg?
  • latest versions of Lilu fully support Ventura so why use -lilubetaall boot arg?

Indeed, Ventura dropped support for Haswell HD4200/HD4400/HD4600 and associates so you do need the OCLP graphics patch but in a post-installation phase.



  1. make a regular Ventura installer (not n OCLP one)
  2. install Ventura with MBP14,1 SMBIOS
  3. cleanup your setup to remove the unecessary boot args and use the proper ACPI tables + USB port mapping kext
  4. install Haswell HD4x00 graphics patch withOCLP at post-install
  5. if the OCLP patch requires to return to MBP11,x or MBA6,2 SMBIOS, then, yes, you'll need the -no_compat_check boot arg
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