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Latitude E6520: OpenCore won't even show macOS in boot picker


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hi guys so ive been trying hard for a month but without luck ive tried insalling macos on my dell latitude and no luck am stuck at boot picker with only windows and nvramreset.efi ive tried pressing space and tried opencore with uefi and legacy option 



here is my pc specs and my log


CPU: i7-2600QM




i dont have a mac to make a clover installation so that a thing to keep in mind if anyone can help me thank you and i only know how to make opencore never did clover install or olarila images


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Afaik, Sandy Bridge Latitude E6x20 laptops do not support installation of OS X/macOS from a USB key/disk in UEFI BIOS mode, only legacy mode. Thereafter, once OS X/macOS has been installed, you may indeed switch to UEFI BIOS mode and, provided you've installed your bootloader accordingly, OS X/macOS will boot and run Ok from internal disk in UEFI mode; I've detailed this in my E6220 guide. Taking that into account, you'll probably have to use Clover rather than Opencore, at least to boot in legacy mode.


Is it an E6520 with HD3000 iGPU only or is it also fitted with the Fermi-based nVidia NVS 4200M dGPU? Former is supported OOB up to macOS High Sierra 10.13 (with patches in later macOS versions though poorly supported in Big Sur and later), latter up to Sierra only (no support in later versions). Don't hesitate to read the existing E6x20 threads and guides available on our forum. An E6520 with nVidia graphics will require that you enable Optimus in BIOS (to be able to run on HD3000 iGPU), then disable the dGPU via SSDT to prevent it from draining your battery unnecessarily. If Optimus is disabled, only the dGPU is available.


Please note that, in old OS X El Capitan 10.11 and all subsequent macOS versions, HD3000 gets buggy over time and you'll experience graphics artefacts, like horizontal lines across the screen or pixelisation. There are no fixes for this, only reboots will do.


Note that, even though they run Win10/Win11 just fine, those E6x20 laptops are to be considered obsolete for Hackintosh purposes.


NB: Don't use distros, we don't support those here.

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