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E6530: unable to complete 1st boot after install


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My laptop is a dell latitude e6530 

My specs are https://baggette.cf/Report.htm

my efi is https://baggette.cf/files/EFI.zip

I have attached an image of what seems to show up just before restarting.

I have tried a framebuffer patch and some assorted other things but all were unsuccessful.

edit: forgot to say that keyboard/trackpad did not work in the installer so if theres a way to fix that that would be nice.



Oh I forgot to say that it does seem like a gpu related issue but I don't know how to solve it.

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Added another thing that was happening in the installer
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This is an E6530 with nVidia NVS 5200M which is totally  unsupported beyond OS X El capiton 10.11. You have to enable Optimus in BIOS, then disable the nVidia dGPU through ACPI patching (DSDT or SSDT) to run solely on HD4000 iGPU. HD4000 is last officially supported in Catalina but remained natively supported in Big Sur with a little trick on the SMBIOS and boot arg side. It's unsupported with special patches in Monterey and, I guess, Ventura.


Your OC config is largely unsuitable to old E6x30 Ivy Bridge laptops. You're trying to apply an config meant for Broadwell or later platforms and that's incorrect. For instance:

  1. the graphics properties you inject for HD4000 iGPU in your OC config are incorrect:
    • no need to patch fbmem or stolenmem the way it's done for Broadwell iGPUs and later; all you need to patch is reduce fbmem from 16MB to 8Mb to avoid graphics corruption on screen.
    • you've specified the target Capri framebuffer layout incorrectly; use little endianness, not big endianness.
  2. no such thing as I2C keyboard or TouchPad on on the E6x30; you need to use good old kexts for ALPS TouchPads.
  3. SMBIOS MBP11,1 is for Haswell/HD4x00 platforms, not for Ivy Bridge/HD4000 ones


What version of macOS are you trying to install and run? Please try to, at least, provide the bare minimum required to obtain support.


Do consult the various Latitude E6x30 guides available in our Guides section as well as the Hardware info section where you'll find information about supported platforms, supported macOS versions, etc.

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How do I go about doing this?


ignore that I found the section in the oc guide


Alright. I did that and I did the rest of the stuff you outlined. but I am slightly confused about "you've specified the target Capri framebuffer layout incorrectly; use little endianness, not big endianness." do I have to change my AAPL,ig-platform-id?

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