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Trim support on D620, 10.7.4 SSD??


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So, I have a 5 yrs old D620, with W7, that I "decommissioned" earlier this year . It was very slow - 60G, 5400rpm HD, dead battery, no sound - broken speaker, lcd bezel cracked and hinges were wobbly. It has Intel Graphic, T7200, 3GB, BT, Broadcom 1490, 1440x900 screen.


I was planning to put an cheapo SSD, reinstall is with W7 and used it as living room pc.. until I found this website.


Over the last weekend, I installed Lion (with myHack) and everything works!! I installed it on the old 5400rpm HD and it's useable. I ordered a 60GB OCZ Plus R2 ($33AR) and reinstalled Lion last night. Now it feel very zip... I am pretty.... VERY happy with it.


So far I have spent $5 for hinges, $7 on LCD Bezel and $33 on SSD. I just ordered a used speaker $2.77 and will be placing an order for a new battery ($20). Total cost round $70. Not bad at all for a spare, usable computer.


Question: The SSD supports TRIM, Is there any way I can enable TRIM with Lion or it's already enable itself in Lion?


Thanks for all the hard work guys!!

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